Admission and Enrollment Procedures

Our Admission and Enrollment Procedures are pretty straight forward. We want you to get familiar with our facilities, our programs and the application process in general. No question should be unanswered. Our goal is to make it easy for you and your child. Click on the images to get to the forms.

Schedule a Tour
SMA II tours are held during the weekdays, Monday through Friday typically in the am hours, but we can work with families to schedule throughout the day when possible. We will walk families through the building to see the classrooms and discuss the school's philosophy, culture, and approach to education. We ask that families quietly observe as we do not want to interrupt our children and affect the flow of the work cycle and classroom environment. Any questions about the program and enrollment can be directed to the Office Administrator, Carmen and Head of School, Robin.
After scheduling a tour of the school, parents can complete the application process by filling out the application for admission. A classroom observation day will be scheduled for each child before enrollment to ensure that the enrollment is a good fit for the family and the school.  Observations are for ages 18 months (Walker room) through Primary (3-6) from 9:00-12:00 pm for one day.
After the scheduled observation, parents and the school can complete the enrollment process, set a start date, complete all necessary enrollment paperwork, and pay any related fees for enrollment.

Our School-aged Program Rates

  • Before/After – $87.50
  • Early Dismissal-$15.00
  • Before Only-$72.50
  • After Only -$72.50
  • Drop in Only $25.00
  • Summer Program $155.00
  • (Summer activity fees$200.00)

Questions? Drop us a note