Academics Information

At Smithville Montessori Academy II, we prove our teaching services to children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Our levels include:

Emphasis is placed on the environment, which includes a variety of mobiles, light-reflecting prisms, textural objects, pleasing sounds, and age-appropriate Montessori materials.

Program Offerings
• 5 Day Program


6 weeks – 14 months

The infant Montessori Community is designed to meet the developmental needs of babies six weeks to 14 months. The Infancy Directress maintains flexibility in the daily routine to meet the diverse needs of the very young child. The infant classroom is a safe nurturing space encompassing all areas of infant care, including movement, sleeping, feeding, outdoor exploration, and cognitive and social experiences.


14 months – 2 years

Our transition consists of children ages 14 months to 2 years of age. The classroom helps our young children strengthen their fine and gross motor skills while preparing them to enter a classroom with a more structured routine. During these months, the children prepare to move from complete adult dependency to the independence of working on everyday life skills in our Pre-Primary community.

Children discover the true joy of learning through a hands on approach with an focus on fine and gross motor development while building social and emotional skills.  

Program Offerings
• 5 Day Program

 Children discover the true joy of learning through sensory exploration, Montessori exercises, motor skill refinement, music art and social interactions, which prepare your child for the Primary years. Under the direction of their Montessori Guide, your child will follow a relaxed schedule balancing work time, outside time, snack, rest and play.

Program Offerings
• 5 Day Program


2 years – 3 years

Our Pre-Primary community consists of children ages 2 years to 3 years. This classroom creates a sense of community where children can learn at an early age. During these years, the children move from complete adult dependency to the independence of the their preschool years.


3 years – 6 years

Our primary classroom offers a 3-year Montessori curriculum where children will become more independent by working in a beautiful, engaging environment. Your child benefits from individualized lessons tailored to meet their academic and developmental needs. Our multi-age classes create a supportive family atmosphere where children work independently or in small groups and provides opportunities for older children to learn to help with younger children.

The activities provide aid in development of coordination, concentration, order and independence.  Our classroom materials are “hands on” and engage the child in exploration and study of numbers, phonetics, writing, and reading skills. The classroom offers a variety of cultural subjects such as; history, science, geography, and art.   

Program Offerings

  • 5 Day Program
  • 3 Day Program

Primary II

Montessori children learn through hands on lessons which create a love for learning and satisfy their hunger for knowledge, which improves their self-esteem. Traditional learning is standard, and the children will learn as it is mandatory. This is the major difference between a Montessori education and traditional learning. Therefore, we strongly recommend Montessori as the only concept for early education of a child. 

Our classroom materials are manipulative and engage the child in the exploration and study of numbers, phonetics, writing, and reading skills. The classroom offers a variety of cultural subjects such as history, science, geography, and art. 

Program Offerings

  • 5 Day Program 
  • 3 Day Program 



5 years

Smithville Montessori Academy II’s Kindergarten Program is an environment in which the child will gain a love for learning with hands on lessons in math, language, geography, and science at their own pace. 

In public schools the lessons will be tutored by the teacher at the pace of the teacher. The child then must memorize the lessons and complete tests without the teacher knowing if the child has gained a level of understanding. In Montessori, the teacher is a guide who will provide support 1-on-1 which fosters understanding and comprehension verses memorization.  

Program Offerings

  • 5 Day Program 
  • 3 Day Program







6 -12 years

Smithville Montessori Academy II offers a before and after school program to children ages 6 through 12 years. Children that attend the Smithville public schools will be transported by SMA to Maple and Eagle Heights. Horizon Elementary students will be picked up and dropped off by the public-school bus system.

During the summer months, SMA II offers a full-time summer program where the children go on field trips, enjoy outdoor time, and work on crafts, science experiments, and other activities. 

Program and Offerings

  • Before/After School
  • Summer 


Our School-aged Program Rates

  • Before/After – $87.50
  • Early Dismissal-$15.00
  • Before Only-$72.50
  • After Only -$72.50
  • Drop in Only $25.00
  • Summer Program $155.00
  • (Summer activity fees$200.00)

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